Terri Kraus

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Now Available: THE TRANSFORMATION, Book 3 of the Project Restoration Series

It is the story of Oliver Barnett, a contractor who specializes in the restoration and remodeling of old buildings. Samantha Cohen is a savvy real estate investor and developer who has purchased an empty historic church near downtown Pittsburgh and plans on turning it into a restaurant/night club. Oliver, who has always considered himself a good Christian boy, wonders if he should get involved in the project. He is in the throes of being pursued by an old girlfriend (with the enthusiastic encouragement of his mother) but he’s smitten by Samantha. There’s another complication: Samantha is Jewish…and she has a less-than-innocent past. Oliver finds himself in a most unsettling dilemma. Does he do what’s right by the nice girl his mother has chosen for him, or does he do what his heart is telling him to do? And what should he do about the church project?

From Romantic Times Magazine Book Reviews:  4 stars

"Family secrets and a tenuous romance make this story of second chances highly satisfying.  Readers will find the secondary characters in this story equally appealing."

From Milwaukee Christian Living Examiner:

The Transformation:  Blue Church—
A compelling story of restoration 

Unforgettable. A realistically crafted story of restoration that will touch you, surprise you, and change you. 
Every character’s remarkably crafted personality becomes vital to the tapestry of Oliver and Samantha’s private and public journeys as they transform the Blue Church and God transforms them. As in life, others come to recognize the transformation occurring is not just for the building’s Jewish owner (Samantha) and the Christian contractor (Oliver), but that God is in their midst, and His presence has a claim on them too.
If you read much, and tend to assume or expect certain results you will be pleased to discover that Terri Kraus does not limit her skillful characterization or unique storyline to the expected. Several unique twists made this realistic drama exceptionally satisfying. I particularly liked how the story began long before the main plot. It made me appreciate the invisible or unknown people and events God caused to be created and used for my transformation, and gave the tale a sense of the eternal.
Ms. Kraus’ expertise in the world of design is evident and the desire and love of God for all of mankind’s “interior design” and possibilities of renovation permeates every page with hope. This is a book you will surely recommend to others, and likely want to read again yourself. A great choice for book clubs or discussion groups.


  1. Can't wait to read the 3rd book in the series. The other two books were wonderful. I'm sure The Transformation will be just as great.

  2. Looking forward to another great story in this wonderful series, Terri!

  3. You go, Mom!
    Your One and Only

  4. I just read The Transformation. It was unforgettable!
    As soon as I complete a review, I'll be looking for your other Project Restoration novels and adding you to my favorite author list!

  5. Ter- You already read "The Help"? You dawg!!! We just talked about it the other day. Your copy must've come from the library. I bought it and am finishing "Devil in the White City" first. Thanks for the inspiration of your blog! Love to read the snippets! Love, Kim